Kolmanskop – a place of magical light, perfect colours and a whole lot of desert

As you may or may not know, I was out traveling around the world with my better half for a year, and we only came back a few months ago. Traveling is one of the best ways to find inspiration, and I soaked up every bit inspiration I could get from each country. One of the most memorable places, and definitely one that inspired me the most (albeit unconsciously), was ‘Kolmanskop’ in Namibia.

Kolmanskop was once a thriving little diamond mining village in the middle of the Namibian desert. In 1954 however, the last people that had remained abandoned the village, and since then Kolmanskop has belonged completely to the desert. Continue reading “Kolmanskop – a place of magical light, perfect colours and a whole lot of desert”

Launch of my new collection Earthly Possessions

Today is finally the day I launch my new and very first macramé collection named Earthly Possessions. It consists of 9 different pieces – 6 wall hangings, 2 plant hangers and a table runner – all with a similar aesthetic. Each piece is an intricate work of art and has hand made wooden details that make them extra unique. I really hope you like them! View them all and find them here.

How to get that rough, lime washed look for your wall

I don’t know if I’m really late on this trend, but I don’t really care. I love the lime washed walls I’m seeing everywhere! That rough, brushed almost-like-concrete look that they have speak to me in all the good ways. I decided a long time before we got this apartment that I definitely wanted something like that for one of our walls in our living room.

Yummy…! (Foto: Daniella Witte, ELLE Decoration)

However, it turns out that real lime wash paint is quite expensive, and the colours that I could find weren’t the right colour I was after. So I decided to try something different – sort of “faking” a lime washed wall using regular indoor paint and filler/putty!

Now, I really have to point out that I am by no means a paint expert. I tried this with my fingers crossed, and since I was painting over wallpaper then in the worst case scenario where my idea would turn out to be a catastrophe, I would just have to strip the wall of the wallpaper and paint it white again. So if you would like to try the same technique, maybe consult a paint expert first. Having said that, I LOVE the result of my technique!

Here’s how I did it:

Continue reading “How to get that rough, lime washed look for your wall”

Dreams for our new home

One of my favourite things to do is decorating and furnishing an apartment from scratch. Or even just refurnishing or redecorating a corner of a room. Another favourite activity of mine is to make the things to decorate with. Not always the cheaper option actually, but infinitely more fun!

About three months before Simon and I got back home from our travels, we started looking for a new apartment to call home. We had to give up our old one since it was only a student apartment and we weren’t studying anymore… If you are one of my long time followers on Instagram, you may know that our old home was quite stuffed with different things I had built or made myself (not just macramé). But most of all that we got rid of before we left Stockholm. Continue reading “Dreams for our new home”

I am in rope heaven!

When I started teaching myself macramé I quickly became obsessed with rope. I could simply not find good rope or string or yarn to work with, and at the same time I started noticing rope everywhere around me (like on boats for example!). I started joking about opening a rope factory myself since I was becoming really desperate.

Good material is the key to succeeding in macramé, so when I did find rope I was eager to share it with people who were still looking. I am super excited to tell you that I have just updated my Tictail store with with a huge number of new types of rope and string! You can now find 5 millimeter super soft cotton string in nine different gorgeous colours plus bundles of 4 millimeter cotton rope in just as many colours!

I am in rope heaven and I am officially a crazy rope lady as of now!

Musings of a createaholic

I recently came back home to Sweden after having travelled the world for ten and a half months with my boyfriend Simon. Nineteen countries and four continents in ten and a half months.  It was the best thing I have ever done, but more on that another time, maybe.

During this time my little business – Createaholic – was put on hold, more or less. What’s more, our constant moving around meant that I could do very little crafting or creative work these months, and at times that literally drove me insane! Those of you who have been following me on Instagram since we started our journey probably heard me complaining about this from time to time. Simon suggested I’d take some time “off” from the travelling from time to time, to stay put in one place for a little longer so that I could get some creative outlet (bless him!). Here’s a glimpse of some of those moments: Continue reading “Musings of a createaholic”