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I recently came back home to Sweden after having travelled the world for ten and a half months with my boyfriend Simon. Nineteen countries and four continents in ten and a half months.  It was the best thing I have ever done, but more on that another time, maybe.

During this time my little business – Createaholic – was put on hold, more or less. What’s more, our constant moving around meant that I could do very little crafting or creative work these months, and at times that literally drove me insane! Those of you who have been following me on Instagram since we started our journey probably heard me complaining about this from time to time. Simon suggested I’d take some time “off” from the travelling from time to time, to stay put in one place for a little longer so that I could get some creative outlet (bless him!). Here’s a glimpse of some of those moments:

In the beginning of our travels (NZ, AUS and SE Asia), I was working a lot on my book, Macramé, writing the final texts and drawing the final illustrations for the knots and projects. I also helped two couples, friends of ours, with drawing and designing their wedding invitations (so much fun!). I don’t think I quite understood how much these moments of a little creative work here and there kept me sane, but once the tasks were finished, it became clear… That’s when I began feeling just a little bit homesick for the first time.

I started thinking about what I wanted to do when I got back home. Did I want to look for a new job? Not really. I have figured out that, at least for the time being, creativity and crafting is what makes me happy. So I decided that once we were back home I would see if I could work with Createaholic full time, and hopefully earn enough money from it to do so. This would however mean that I would have to do much more than what I had been doing so far. Even though I feel like I sent out orders here and there all the time last year, I still wasn’t making much more than I was spending. Having a small business selling hand made things that take a lot of time and often money to make, isn’t always the money machine you would think it is…  (I think I’ll write a longer blog post about this small business business some other time!).

Anyway, I felt like all of this demanded a re-launch of Createaholic! The first thing I could think of was a new logo (done! do you like it?). And I also started thinking about a new website, one that would include more than “just” my products like my Tictail shop does. Aaaand, after having thought about it some more, I thought “maybe I could also blog a little bit?”. And so here we are!

This was a very long and perhaps too in-depth introduction of this new website slash blog, but hey – I have decided that this will be a place where I am totally myself, and if I ramble on sometimes well that’s just who I am.

So what’s it going to be about?

Yes, what will I be writing about here? Although my business is 99% about macramé and I definitely will be sharing a lot of that here (some how-to videos for example), this blog will be a place where I also share my day to day life, my other creative projects and DIYs, things that inspire me, my plant family – well, in short, things that I love! My idea is to make this place an extension of my Instagram account, but with more photos and a bit more text. I am a person who loves fiddling around with my stuff and my plants at home and I would rather build myself a new sofa than buy one. I constantly have different creative projects going on and I will be sharing much more of that here! If I make a sofa, I will show you how I’m making it!

Simon and I will also be moving in to a new apartment soon, and I will take you along through that crazy ride that furnishing and decorating it will be since I will probably re-do the whole thing and make lots of new furniture and other stuff for it (we got rid of so much of our old stuff before we left for the travels).

I really hope you will like what I make of this space and that you will find inspiration from it. Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have and I would love to hear if there is something in particular you’d like me to write about!

Lots of love,


8 Replies to “Musings of a createaholic”

  1. Så roligt att läsa din blogg! Gillar dina fina bilder och att få följa med på din kreativa resa. Älskar ryggsäcken❤️Ser fram emot att få läsa mer!
    Kram från “astromella”

    1. Åh så roligt att höra! Tusen tack för komplimangen Mariell!! 🙂 Och tack för att du stöttat så länge och fortsätter stötta! <333 Kram!

  2. Oh, this all looks amazing. I think your website looks clean, contemporary with your bo-ho vibe.
    I think the subjects for your blog sound great. People always want DIY (IKEA) hacks about how to do things; and you seem very practical about doing this!
    I will try and support you anyway I can.

    1. Thank you a thousand times for your never ending support and kindness my friend! I’m so happy you think it looks good. It’s more work than you’d probably think at first sight – like customed fonts for example! I hope people will like what I have planned for this space! 🙂 Thank you again Katie! Xx

  3. Felicidades Fan ! So proud and happy for you !!! i feel very lucky and honored to own that piece of art that you made between this world travel, every time i look at it i remember your visit to our Colombian home.
    Thank you for your friendship, and really hope to see you again !
    Lots of LOVE and only the best for you.


    1. Aww! Thank you Lorena! I am so happy i decided to leave the finished wall hanging in your little paradise in Colombia! <3 Yes, lets make another meeting happen, in Sweden or Colombia or wherever! Xxx

  4. From someone that has met you IRL (in real life), this is such a lovely and honest introduction. You have such a beautiful way of coming across as relatable and down-to-earth. I cannot wait to read more of your blog posts and get another look into your daily life. Especially all the wonderful DIY projects I’m sure you have up your sleeve. What an exciting and special story you already have to share! <3

  5. Congrats Fanny!
    Love everything about your website, logo and the vision you have. I can’t wait to see more. You need to put that backpack up for sale and make some other styles as well, I think they would be a hit. Looking forward to your next post.

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