Dreams for our new home

One of my favourite things to do is decorating and furnishing an apartment from scratch. Or even just refurnishing or redecorating a corner of a room. Another favourite activity of mine is to make the things to decorate with. Not always the cheaper option actually, but infinitely more fun!

About three months before Simon and I got back home from our travels, we started looking for a new apartment to call home. We had to give up our old one since it was only a student apartment and we weren’t studying anymore… If you are one of my long time followers on Instagram, you may know that our old home was quite stuffed with different things I had built or made myself (not just macramé). But most of all that we got rid of before we left Stockholm.

Way before we even started looking for our new home though, I was (of course!) busy decorating and furnishing it in my mind! Some of my ideas demand a lot more space than I can hope to get, but hey – there’s no harm in dreaming right? Plus, now it turns out we’ll have not one, but two apartments to decorate. We moved in to the first one this weekend, and will move to the second one in February – a brand new building with an apartment we can live in until we die, should we feel like it! So I will be trying out my ideas in the first apartment, and perfecting them in the second. Could not be happier about this!

I have decided on the colour schemes for our walls, designed a new bedframe, thought of a new lamp to hang over our dining room table, and much more…. I’m not going to go into detail about those ideas in this post however – they’ll be separate posts for each project so you can follow along in my process. But I thought I’d share some photos that I have drawn inspiration from, to give you an idea of what I’m aiming for (images are linked to their sources):

Living room

I LOVE these brushed, dusty pink walls! ♥ This is what I want for our living room. Imagine a large macramé against that pink……! Source: Jersey Ice Cream Co.
Here is another dusty pink room to die for (maybe apart from the dead animal on the floor)… I am definitely painting the living room in these tones, and it goes so well with plants which is a bonus since I own a jungle… Source: Sköna hem, home of @thenorrmans
This may not be the right shade of pink, it’s rather a peach colour (which actually isn’t that bad either!), but it has the kind of vibe I like! And it’s even got some macramé in it. Source: Domino.com


For our bedroom I definitely want green walls. Again, I’m going for a dusty, brushed look (not sure yet how to achieve that, but it’ll work). Source: Ellos (Pinterest)
Another example… Source: Entrance
…and one more! Source: 55kvadrat.se
But I’m going for a certain style in the bedroom. A combination of this… Source
..and this… Source: Biskopsgården
…and this! I guess it’s a little bit difficult to see where I’m going with this, but you’ll see eventually! Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

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