How to get that rough, lime washed look for your wall

I don’t know if I’m really late on this trend, but I don’t really care. I love the lime washed walls I’m seeing everywhere! That rough, brushed almost-like-concrete look that they have speak to me in all the good ways. I decided a long time before we got this apartment that I definitely wanted something like that for one of our walls in our living room.

Yummy…! (Foto: Daniella Witte, ELLE Decoration)

However, it turns out that real lime wash paint is quite expensive, and the colours that I could find weren’t the right colour I was after. So I decided to try something different – sort of “faking” a lime washed wall using regular indoor paint and filler/putty!

Now, I really have to point out that I am by no means a paint expert. I tried this with my fingers crossed, and since I was painting over wallpaper then in the worst case scenario where my idea would turn out to be a catastrophe, I would just have to strip the wall of the wallpaper and paint it white again. So if you would like to try the same technique, maybe consult a paint expert first. Having said that, I LOVE the result of my technique!

Here’s how I did it:

1. To get that rough concrete look to really stand out, I used filler or putty all over the wall, on top of the wallpaper. This wall is about 4,5 meters long and 2,5 meters high, and I used five 200ml tubes of “Multifill” that I got from the local hardware store. I focused extra on the spots where the wallpaper overlaps so that the edge wouldn’t stand out as much. 

2. After the wall dried (about 1 hour) I used a rubber glove and stroked the wall to get rid of any too large lumps and make the wall a bit smoother.

3. To get that brushed look that lime wash has where the colour is uneven in places, I used two different colour samples of regular indoor paint, each 0,5 litres. One slightly more grey, and one a little brighter. The colour codes are: 2802/S1015-Y90R and S1515-Y90R (brand name JOTUN). One litre was just enough to cover the whole wall.

4. I used a brush with fine ‘hairs’/bristle, but you could definitely use one with thicker bristles to get nice brush strokes, just make sure to get a quality brush that doesn’t loose its bristles. You don’t have to be too particular with the way you apply the paint, just make sure that it covers the whole wall and reaches all uneven spots. I dipped the brush in both colours before painting the wall, without trying to blend the colours together. I also added a little water to the brush sometimes to get even more variation in the colour.

Here’s the result!


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  1. Jag har väntat och längtat men nu kan jag inte se bilderna?? Har uppdaterat sidan, bytt nätverk, inget funkar. Ser bara den gröna inspo-bilden! Är det bara jag som har det här problemet??

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