Createaholic is the one woman show also known as Fanny Zedenius. I am a Swedish macramé artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a long history of exploring different crafts. I am addicted to having ongoing creative projects, hence the name Createaholic!

Although my business is 99% about macramé, this blog is a place where I also share my day to day life, my other creative projects and DIYs, things that inspire me, my plant family and other things I love.

I hope you will find a lot of inspiration here! ♥


When did you start working with macramé?

I discovered macramé in late 2014, and immediately all spare time I had came to revolve around rope and knots. In Sweden at the time, not many people had heard about macramé so I taught myself the basics by looking at illustrations of knots on the internet. Since 2015 however, macramé has completely exploded in popularity all over the world, and I started hosting workshops in Stockholm to the increasing number of people who wanted to learn the craft of creative knotting. In June 2017 I published my book, Macramé, to reach even more people that wish to start knotting!

Do you sell your macramé?

Yes. Since early 2015, I have been selling my hand made macramé art to homes all around the world through my Tictail shop.

Where can I find good rope?

You are in luck! I sell many different kinds of rope that is perfect for macramé through my Tictail store.

I am interested in a custom made piece, do you take custom orders?

Yes! I love creating something special that is tailored to a specific space or event. Contact me and we can discuss your vision, ideas and preferences and come up with something really unique!

Do you do collaborations?

Of course! I have done collaborations through Instagram previously and I’m open to more collaborations with people or companies that I admire and have an interest in. Contact me and we’ll can discuss it.